Adopted Babies

I got my precious little Bentley baby from Gwen quite some time ago so this isn't just some exited utterances, to this day it is so apparent what a loving, caring start Bentley had to his life. He is the most affectionate, trusting, sweetest creature I've ever had the pleasure of calling all mine and though he himself is due some credit, a large majority of it also belongs to Gwen! I'm a pretty critical judge of character when it comes to people & I can say without any hesitation that this woman truly loves animals, anyone can claim that but she is the first "breeder" I've ever talked to that shared each and every one of her animals (past and present) story & how they came to be hers. It was just conversation but it definitely stood out to me. I had absolutely no interest in a male suggie (after having 2 girls) & had no plans on adding a Leu to the group anytime soon but when I met him and he just came right up to me for snuggles I melted in a puddle all over the floor! I've never ever ever seen a sugar glider so outgoing and trusting and that's not something they are just born with (in my opinion). I could go on and on and on explaining all the reasons I'm so appreciative for someone like Gwen but bottom line is this... If you had a list of ideal qualities in a breeder (of any animal), Gwen possesses each and every one of them & then some and I'm so fortunate to have been one of the few lucky ones to get one of her babies!!! as cliche as it sounds, my life is a happier one since bentley came into it & I honestly feel that is what Gwen sets out to do when looking for homes for her babies, & I couldn't be more thankful for her patience, thoroughness, & expertise : )

BBThank you so much Gwen for allowing me to be the new mommy to Romeo he is such a gentleman and handsome to match. He has quickly stolen my heart and is the sweetest of my gliders, a total bra baby. I would recommend Cinnamonstix-N-Sugar to anyone that wants a loving sugar glider. I was always excited to hear updates on how he was doing and seeing new pictures before he got to come home. You can see just how much you care about your gliders and joeys I would definitely adopt from you again!

SydneyI adopted a Leucistic Sugar Glider from Gwen at Cinnamon-stix-n-sugar. It was a great adoption and a very smooth process. Gwen was very helpful. I also adopted another glider at the same time from another breeder local to Gwen. Gwen arranged to have my gliders shipped together to save me money. The Leu I got from her was awesome. She bonded very quickly. I would definitely recommend adopting from Gwen to anyone looking for a glider out there. She very obviously spends loads of time with her gliders and spoils them rotten. Sydney was a hoot from day one. It was well under a week to bond with her. It was a great experience...both the adoption and the bonding with my new glider. Thank you Gwen. I would absolutely do this again. As one breeder to another...I truly appreciate the time and effort she put in to making this a great adoption experience. Thank you again.

MelbourneI adopted my Samraj "Sammie" from Gwen in October 2011 and let me tell you he has been a dream to bond with and play with! Such a sweetheart but can also spaz lol! Jumpy little boy, it's always nice to be able to comfort him and him enjoy it. Very much a bra baby