Below you can view the details of my contract. I require a hard copy of your signed contract in my hand at the time of or within 7 days of a deposit being made on any joey(s). I also require a photocopy of your state/federal issued license/permit/identification card with your contract. I will provide you with a digital copy of your signed and completed contract VIA Email to keep for your own records. You are welcome to store this digitally or print it out.

Entering a contract entails the release of private information to one another for both parties. Neither breeder nor purchaser are to share or release any personal information or contact details with any outside source or third party without prior consent of the other party member. This is to ensure privacy of each members personal information.

All buyer must be at least 18 years or older. If you are buying for your child, please look elsewhere as I do not advise sugar gliders for children. They can be noisy, require a special diet and a great deal of time and care. My contract is designed for the primary caregiver and owner of the glider, if you buy a glider and transfer ownership to a friend, family member or child that is considered a breach of contract and legal action can and will be taken.

If you are purchasing a sugar glider from me, I will provide you with the contract and mailing address before you make your deposit.

Contract of Adoption:


Sugar Gliders

Section 1: Solo Gliders
Under no condition will a glider be sold to be a single glider. If a single glider is purchased they must be in one of the following situations. A: There is/ are glider(s) in the home that the glider will be introduced to within an appropriate amount of time. If and the introduction is unsuccessful the buyer will contact me, the seller immediately to consult on what is to be done next. B. Buyer has intentions to purchase another glider to be paired with the current glider. This MUST be done within 3 months of purchasing and receiving your glider unless prior agreement has been made.

Section 2: Breeding and Neutering
All pet only males must be neutered and documentation provided by 4 months OOP, unless they leave my home already neutered. If a joey is being sold to you for any reason strictly as a non-breeder you MUST initial the Non Breeding Agreement.
NON BREEDING AGREEMENT: Please initial below if the glider(s) is being bought with the intention on not being bred.
______ By initialing I agree that the bought glider(s) will not be ever allowed to breed intentionally or accidentally. I acknowledge doing otherwise is a full breech of this adoption contract.
BREEDING AGREEMENT: Please initial below if the glider(s) is being bought with the intention to breed.
______ By initialing I agree that the bought glider(s) will be bred with care. They will not be allowed to inbreed, or be bred to a rescued or re homed sugar glider. I agree to keep coefficients of all offspring produced by this glider no higher than 5%.

Section 3: First Rights of Refusal
If for any reason the buyer decides to sell or give away the glider at any time in its lifetime I the seller MUST be contacted. I must approve the new home they are going to and the new owner will sign the same contract or you can give the glider back to me and I will find it an adequate home. If you break this contract legal action can be taken against you. I just want to ensure the best life for my joeys. If a suitable home cannot be found, the glider(s) must come back to me, the breeder.

Section 4: Deposits and Payments
Deposits are non-refundable if buyer decides for any reason to not purchase glider. If any information is incorrect in screening application or for any reason buyer is dishonest about ANYTHING in pre-purchasing screening then the seller has the right to not sell sugar glider and deposit will not be refunded. I require a 30% or $200 deposit (whichever is higher) in order to hold your joey (s) for you, unless otherwise agreed upon. Nrd’s will be noted in the contract details for the safety of the buyer and the seller. If seller is unable to complete sale for reasons reflecting gliders health then deposit and any payments made will be refunded immediately. Full payment must be complete by the time the joey is weaned and ready for new home. This is generally at the age of 8 weeks OOP but can be extended to 10 weeks OOP or longer if the joey is still weaning or gaining weight. Shipping payments MUST be made with your final payment. Payment can be made by Check, Money Order or Pay Pal if buyer pays the fees. Cash is only accepted if the payment is made in person.

Section 5: Health Guarantee
All sugar gliders come with a 7 day health guarantee. This guarantee starts at the time of airline arrival or when the buyer picks up their sugar glider(s). All conditions labeled below must be met in order to be eligible for this health guarantee.
1) The purchased sugar glider(s) must be seen by the purchasers vet within 48 hours of being in the purchasers possession. If the sugar glider is showing any signs of illness it must be seen by purchasers vet immediately. If purchaser is negligent to vet a sugar glider that may be in need of immediate vet attention, the health guarantee may be considered null and void at the breeder’s discretion.
2) If purchased sugar glider(s) become ill within 72 hours of being in purchaser’s possession, I the breeder am to be notified immediately of the situation.
3) All sugar gliders leave my home happy and healthy. Trauma, stress related illnesses, and bacterial infections related to stress are NOT covered. Purchaser is responsible to watch for stressors and stress related symptoms. Should symptoms arise, purchaser is responsible to get the glider to a vet immediately. All vet bills incurred for stress related illness are the responsibility of purchaser.
4) If for any reason a joey passes away within the 7 day time frame a necroscopy must be performed at the buyers cost. If there was something wrong with the glider that was not related to accidental injury, improper diet/nutrition, improper handling, failure to quarantine properly or inadequate living conditions resulting from something that happened while the glider was under THE BUYERS care, the customer will receive a full refund or credit towards a new glider. This guarantee does not cover accidents, neglect or mistreatment of ANY kind.

Section 6: Contact
I agree to keep in contact with this breeder with any new information pertaining to my contact information. This includes but is not limited to Name, Address, Phone and Email Address. I agree that if any of this information changes from the time of adoption. I will submit my new contact information to my breeder immediately. Please contact me to request a change of contact information form.

Section 7: Care
I agree to only feed an APPROVED diet. All cages must be of an adequate size. Minimum is 36″ x 30″ x 18″ for a pair of gliders and MUST be increased if more than a pair is to be housed in the same cage. Cage must contain a glider approved wheel for exercise as well as glider safe toys for entertainment and enrichment, at least one safe pouch for sleeping and a source of clean drinking water (preferably a water bottle). I agree to vet my glider immediately with a glider knowledgeable vet if they are sick, injured or acting “off”.

Section 8: Contract Breach
If contract is breached the purchaser will have 30 days to rectify the situation before legal action is taken against them