Here at cinnamonstix-n-sugar all of my kids eat the Original HPW Diet. We have tried a couple other things over the years but we are old fashioned and like this traditional old original recipe. All of my joeys are weaned onto this diet as well.

Original HPW

•2 cups warm water
•1 1/2 cups honey
•3 scrambled eggs
•1/4 cup High Protein Wombaroo Powder
•1 tablespoon bee pollen

•Cook Eggs, set aside.
•In large bowl mix water and honey. Stir until honey is dissolved.
•Add in HPW powder, mix well.
•In blender add in eggs, bee pollen and 1/2 to 1 cup HPW liquid. Blend for two minutes.
•Add in additional liquid and blend for another two minutes.
•Pour into a freezer safe bowl with an airtight lid. Keep in freezer. Will freeze to consistency of ice cream.

Feeding Instructions Per Sugar Glider:
•1-1/2 teaspoons of HPW
•1 tablespoon of mixed fruits
•1 tablespoon of mixed veggies

Additional Info:
•If you have a breeding pair or nursing female increase the amount of Wombaroo High Protein Supplement Powder to 1/2 cup
•Mealworms may be given as treats
•Glideraide may be given twice per week with dinner.
•Some people like to leave staple in for daytime snacking.

Tips and Tricks from Our Kitchen:
•We fresh grind all of our pollen in a Magic Bullet for easier mixing.
•Many people scramble their eggs, we actually hard boil ours. They have a nice consistency and we don’t have to worry about them sticking to the pan
•We mix everything in a Breville Sous Chef for 3 mins, no step by step and I can make double batches in one step
•Breville also works amazing from fruits and veggies (julienne cut makes a great glider slaw)
•To serve HPW we use a small spring loaded ice cream scoop, no more sticking to the spoon

2014-03-17 00.41.26

Glider Slaw (fruit and veggie mix) and Original HPW for three